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tooth extractions and wisdom tooth extractionCrossroads Dental Group in Hebron, Ohio Offer Tooth Extractions Including Wisdom Tooth Extractions

At some point in your life, you might find yourself in need one or more tooth extractions. Most American adults have at least one wisdom tooth extracted at some point in their lives. Crossroads Dental Group can perform your tooth extraction easily and as painlessly as possible. To help you feel more comfortable during your extraction, we offer sedation dentistry options including oral sedation.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions for Hebron and Surrounding Communities

Wisdom tooth extractions are usually performed because a tooth cannot erupt properly. Wisdom teeth either grow sideways, pushing against adjacent tooth roots rather than coming upward through the gum tissue. Or they might only partially erupt, leaving your mouth open to various problems going forward. Problematic wisdom teeth can cause problems with your bite, and they can cause your teeth to become crooked from crowding. These are all reasons that wisdom tooth extraction is so commonly required.

Other Reasons for Extraction

Other teeth may need to be extracted for various reasons, including disease and injury. Gum disease and root canal infection are two common problems that can lead to the need for tooth extraction. Crossroads Dental Group offers wisdom tooth extraction and other types of tooth extraction to help you maintain oral health and a fully-functioning smile.

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