Root Canal Therapy

We Can Save Your Smile from Infection with Root Canal Root Canal TherapyTherapy

If your tooth becomes infected, the problem can be serious. In fact, left untreated, an infected tooth will eventually require extraction, leaving you with a missing tooth and the need for tooth replacement. With root canal therapy from Crossroads Dental Group, we can help you avoid this problem by taking care of the infection before it has a chance to spread and cause more damage.

What is root canal therapy?

There is a nerve that runs through your tooth called the pulp. It is housed in a canal that runs from tooth root tip to tooth root tip, and this canal is called the root canal. If infection spreads through a cavitiy to the root canal and takes hold of the nerve, it will cause problems including pain, and it will eventually kill the tooth. Root canal therapy involves removal of infected nerve tissue and the filling of the canal to prevent further infection.

The skilled dentists at Crossroads Dental Group in Hebron, Ohio can provide root canal therapy to restore your infected tooth to good health. If you’ve been experiencing chronic tooth pain, give us a call. You might be in need of root canal therapy.

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