Crown and Bridge

Missing Teeth? Meet Crown and Bridge!

There are three basic options for patients with missing teeth. Which one will be best for you depends entirely on your specific issues and needs. These options include crown and bridge, a non-removable dental prosthetic that offers stability in cases where one or a few teeth are missing while others remain.

We will have a custom dental bridge created for you out of natural-looking porcelain. We will then secure the bridge in place using crowns affixed to either end of the bridge, which are placed on the remaining teeth on each side of the space left by your missing teeth.

Why should you replace missing teeth? Missing teeth present more than just cosmetic problems. They can make it extremely difficult to eat or speak properly, possibly causing nutritional issues as time goes on. Missing teeth also destabilize the structure of your mouth, causing the remaining teeth to shift. A crown and bridge is one way to prevent these problems from occurring. Other ways include dentures and partials and dental implants.

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