General Dentistry

General Dentistry: The Cornerstone of Oral Health

Take the first step toward fighting oral health problems by preventing them from taking hold in the first place. How can you accomplish this? By coming to see Crossroads Dental Group for a general dentistry checkup and cleaning every six months. These visits act as your first line of defense against dental issues, and if problems do arise, we can catch them early for more effective treatment.

What are some of the problems that we can counteract during your general dental care visits to Crossroads Dental Group? Gum disease presents a common threat to optimal oral health, and if we detect gum disease during your visit, we can provide you with periodontal therapy to revitalize your soft tissues and protect you from further complications. Periodontal therapy for gum disease includes scaling and root planing, procedures that work in tandem to thoroughly clean the area of gum disease-causing bacteria and prevent them from taking hold in the future. Because gum disease is so common, we focus on gum health as a big part of your general dental care.

Other general dentistry services offered in our Hebron dental office include:

  • Professional dental cleanings
  • Dental exams
  • Children’s dental care
  • TMJ support
  • Custom athletic mouthguards

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While preventive general dentistry care is the basis of everything we do at Crossroads Dental Group, we know that you need a wide range of services available to keep your smile in good condition and looking great over the course of your entire life.