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Porcelain Veneers

If you are considering getting porcelain veneers, there are some important things to know before making your appointment for the procedure. There are some very specific procedures that veneers are intended to help, and there are some requirements in order to make the procedure a success. If […]

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Cracked Teeth: What You Need to Know part 2

Treatments for Cracked Teeth Teeth, unlike bone, will not heal once broken.  There are several treatment options available depending on which form of cracked teeth you suffer from, as well as the severity of the case.  A fractured cusp can be covered with a crown by your […]

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Cracked Teeth: What You Need to Know part 1

Cracked teeth can be extremely painful.  While tooth enamel is harder than bone, it is not impervious to damage.  The clenching, grinding, and other daily stresses that our teeth undergo can cause them to weaken over time.  If a tooth ends up cracked then it is very […]

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Permanent Tooth Replacement

The dental implant is considered by most to be the ideal permanent tooth replacement. It consists of an artificial root that is implanted into your jaw and is able to hold replacement teeth or a bridge. Since missing teeth affect your oral health as well as your […]

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