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stock_implantsDiscover the Latest in Tooth Replacement: Dental Implants

Did you know that 69% of people between the ages of 35 and 44 are missing one or more teeth? Missing teeth can occur because of gum disease, tooth decay, or a dental injury. And while tooth replacement options such as dentures and partials or fixed bridges have been around for a long time, neither option provides the strength, stability, or longevity of dental implants.

Missing teeth can seriously impair your ability to live life to its fullest. With dental implants, you can speak and eat normally once again and avoid oral health issues caused by missing teeth. An oral surgeon implants a titanium screw into your jaw bone. We then provide a dental implant restoration that sits securely atop the implant.

Dental implants offer several advantages over dentures and partials or crown and bridge. The jaw bone will eventually fuse to the implanted screws, supporting lasting jaw health. And unlike removable dentures and partials, dental implants won’t slip. Want to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants? Contact our Hebron, Ohio dental office today.

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